The invitation-only smartphone app that gives users exclusive access to Comp'd Drinks and Special Offers at select Nightlife Venues. Only the most influential social media mavens are initially invited to become 1stRnd Users ensuring your Venue is showcased to trend setters.

How 1stRnd Works

1. Receive an invitation and download 1stRnd.

2. Sign up to receive your first Comp’d Drink.

3. Choose a 1stRnd Venue and Select your Drink.

4. Show your 1stRnd Redeem Screen to Venue Staff and get your Comp'd Drink.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get invited to 1stRnd?
    • 1stRnd members invite their friends to 1stRnd by using the the invitation system within the App. Alternatively, you can request an invitation here at and you will be added to the invitation waitlist. Once your invitation has been generated, you will be notified by email and be able to start using 1stRnd to get Comp'd Drinks.
  • Once invited, where can I use 1stRnd?
    • 1stRnd can be used at participating locations. All of these 1stRnd locations are viewable on the venue map within the App. New 1stRnd venues are being added all the time, so continue to check the 1stRnd venue map for new locations.
  • I just redeemed my initial "welcome to 1stRnd" comp. How do I get more?
    • You can get more Comp’d Drinks by referring Friends and Venues to 1stRnd. You’ll get one Comp’d Drink for each friend who signs up and redeems a Drink, and 50 Comp’d Drinks for each new Venue you refer.
  • How often can I use 1stRnd to get Comps and Promotions?
    • 1stRnd Drinks can be redeemed once every 12 hours. After you redeem a 1stRnd Comp, you will see a countdown timer in the app, displaying how long until you can redeem another 1stRnd Comp.
  • What specific comps are available through 1stRnd?
    • If you have a Comp’d Drink available, it can be used on any day of the week at any Venue and for any drink available at that Venue. If you do not have a Comp’d Drink available, you can select any 1stRnd Special Offer available which is set by each Venue.
  • I'm a 1stRnd member, how do I invite others to 1stRnd?
    • Within the App, you can refer friends from the Menu or via your Dashboard screen. Just select "Earn More Comps" from your dashbaord, and then select the "Refer Friends" button. Choose a friend from your phone contacts, or input the phone number for the person you would like to refer. You can send up to 3 invites per week.


1stRnd has some of the most exclusive nightlife venues serving the highest quality top shelf brands in the world.  Because 1stRnd users are influencers and taste makers, 1stRnd Venues provide exclusive special offers to users 7 days a week.

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